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The Abbott Way! The American way!

From the start Abbott Vascular strategically inserted native Irish employees in key positions at their Menlo Park site. Once their product is stabilized, bye-bye to that American manufacturing facility and the American workers' jobs, hello to Ireland -lower labor cost, lower taxes. Their product might arrive at a lower cost from Ireland, though you could well find yourself unemployed. It's the Abbott way!

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It absolutely is the Abbott way! Miles White is the epitome of Corporate Greed. How much money does this man need to make? He can afford to freeze his salary to help save the jobs of many American workers. Since the split, Abbott's "Do more with less" attitude has created a toxic environment that has employees at each other's throats. It has created a mindset where employees think if they make their colleagues look bad it will make themselves look good and thus save their jobs. There are more chiefs than Indians and the chiefs play blatant favoritism with their employees, adding more tension to an already toxic environment. There is no work/life balance. Since you are doing the job of two or three people, the amount of hours you have to put in to complete all the work not only doesn't allow you a life outside of work, but it also does not allow you to take care of yourself.

The area I worked in did not allow you to work from home....well let's just say they did allow one or two people to do it, but not everyone (injustice). They promote the most incompetent people who have no idea how to effectively lead a department. The Director I worked under when I left was the most narcissistic, condescending, ungrateful management I have ever worked for in my almost 25 years at Abbott. People were dropping like flies in my division, either from health issues (caused by the stress) or simply quitting or retiring because they could not take it anymore. I myself decided life was too short to put up with such a toxic work environment and decided to retire! I may be broke, but I am happy and it was the best decision I ever made! As you can see from the recent IT layoffs, Abbott has no loyalty to their employees. How heartless can they be? It's bad enough they are outsourcing these positions to India and ruining peoples' lives, but to make them train their foreign replacements and then hold the severance over their head and make them sign a waiver stating they won't sue (an admission of wrong doing on their part) is beyond inhuman! It's obvious Abbott's moral compass is broken, actually I would say it's shattered.

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