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New brighter door opens

I'm also part of the laid off group, after 26 years of service as a software developer there.

I agree that things seem a bit messed up. I hope things work out for Autodesk, given all my coworkers and friends that are still left there... some very brilliant minds, at least the software developers.

But with decisions like this, one has to wonder what type of future they're heading for.

Myself, I just want to say thank you, to my friends, my coworkers and a company that was like a second home to me. Good luck for your future. Me, I remain optimistic that my best is yet to come and now I feel free to find again that passion that started 40 years ago for me when I started coding on an Interact Model 1 computer because the Apple II was too expensive for my parents to afford. When one door closes, a new brighter door opens and now it's finally my turn to walk through it.

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Let's be candid: the layoffs in part are a way to get rid of older employees many of whom have dedicated years of service. As Autodesk is self insured for healthcare, they periodically like to cut their losses with older employees who presents health problems or present the possibility of increased medical costs over time. I have also watchrd them layoff friends with sick children I need diabetic or mentally ill, even when those people are over-performing.

It's very hard to nail them on this without the class-action lawsuit.

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Some people wish to be dominated.

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You still say "thank you" to this miserable shithole of a company?

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