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Welcome to the world of ACE!

The company had perhaps the worst reputation among large carriers and culture towards its employees of any including AIG. For those at Chubb that still believe that they will be left alone to operate as a separate enclave within the ACE organization you are in for a very rude awakening. If you like teleworking, forget it. ACE is managed by political operators in Philly who are always looking to carve out their territory or protect it. This means they are constantly angling for favoritism with senior management who encourage that activity because it is how they maneuvered their way into leadership positions. The claims side of the house is run by an autocratic and technically incompetent former lawyer. Make no mistake that ACE will eliminate any redundant field offices and Chubb positions. Chubb was a company noted for decent bonus programs and work life balance but that will be entirely changed under ACE. The ACE philosophy on bonus compensation equates to Sr. leadership and those who are connected receiving the overwhelming distribution while others receive paltry amounts. Chubb Sr. claims staff and management in the field that have become accustomed to sharing in the success of Chubb will find the "New Chubb" will offer a few thousand dollars while expecting employees to express gratitude and loyalty. Those who do not will be marked for a slow twist or a quick riff. Chubb employees will experience a whole different kind of management from their new ACE leadership than they are used to. Reprisals, pettiness, and incompetence masked by ions of protocol will be the order of the day. Get ready to complete 3 different reports for different sets of eyes for the same purpose only to receive a response for more useless information that has no impact on the file/exposure. Good luck to all those at the old Chubb.

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How's it working out for you now?

Ace will take 12-18 months on redundant workers.

After the 18th month, managers will start being affected.

The person who replied that all is well may not be felling as secure now.

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I've worked for ace, now Chubb, for several years and don't experience any of that. Seems like a normal corporate job to me, decent benefits, good pay, plenty of vacation etc. I've got a raise and bonus every year i worked there too. There's lots of people who work from home on days when they feel like it. Most people I work with have been there 10 years or more, so it can't be that bad.

My division has had multiple legacy ace positions eliminated and my managers now report to legacy Chubb managers. And there's tons of Fireman's fund employees still on the payroll. It doesn't seem as bad as you're making it out to be for "old" Chubb employees.

The work day probably won't change that much for anyone, other than learning new computer systems. I'm sure employees at both companies will continue go to work 40 hrs a week and sit in front of a computer all day.

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