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Trying to work around management

Management, that is just a synonym for parasite at this company, they produce nothing ( but hate and discontent), and suck all the benefits away for themselves while blaming others. I know they try to tell you the acronym for CACI is a million different things ( that suite the market right now) and are proud that it was started on a Parkbench (really.... ) but I am more convinced the acronym is Crack Addict Company Inc ( CACI ) because trying to work with management you quickly see that something is amiss, the most incompetent WILL be promoted, the worst thing to do WILL be done, good behavior WILL be punished, all incentive will be take away and expectation WILL be raised, if you are capable you WILL be expected to complete other employee's task and you WILL be held accountable for their success or failure; they should really study CACI.

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This is very accurate to my experience with CACI, I will say that it may not be the same in verticals at CACI, but the Corp. verticals are definitely as described above. It will be exciting to see what happens when Lockheed sinks it's hooks into this, management is currently absorbing their local bobble heads into the managements ranks as fast was possible in preparation for the Lockheed clean up; by all accounts a re-organization at the man-agment level is about two decades overdue.

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