Thread regarding Alcatel-Lucent layoffs

Original layoffs of US workers in favor of French workers after Alcatel-Lucent merger

I recall listening to chicago's WBBM radio when the merger of Alcatel-Lucent took place, and hearing a woman exec saying that most layoffs would be in the U.S., since it was too expensive to lay people off in France. Does anyone else remember that? Who was the exec? Was it Carli Fiorina?

I used to work at Bell Labs in Murray Hill before the break-up. I went back to see the old neighborhood last summer and drove by Murray Hill. Sad to see very few cars in the parking lot after 6 PM. It used to be loaded with dedicated physicists running experiments all night long. Nice front facade, but I drove around the back and it looked like the bombed out ruins of Gary, Indiana after th 60's race riots. Very sad to see what has become of AT&T. They appear to be throwing in the towel on cable and hyping dish. This willo consume the company from within.

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I remember that. I was contracting at Lucent at the time. Because they had already funded my contract for another 6 months I was kept on, but many of my coworkers were let go. The place I worked was already like a crypt (1 million square feet of emptiness). The layoff didn't help. It was actually kind of spooky there because they kept most of the lights off to save money. You could walk for an hour there without seeing another person.

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