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Telus offers more packages. January 2016

Telus offers more packages. January 2016. Will their be anybody left soon?

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TELUS is a very deceitful company. They lay people off continually through "re-orgs" so they don't have to report it.

So I'm surprised they announced the recent 1500 layoffs, which tells me things are worse than anybody realizes. Can't hide 1500 layoffs behind a re-org, and if I know TELUS, it's probably more like 2000 or more because they never tell the truth about things like this.

I also know that TELUS steals from their own customers through data plans, which they routinely overcharge in bits and pieces so people don't notice.

I was certain they were doing it, but decided to prove it anyway, so I canceled my data plan completely.

Next month I reduced a $2 data charge, as if I used some data, which is impossible since my phone didn't have a plan.

Of course they chalked it up to "a mistake," and assured me it wouldn't happen again. Well, next month I got another one for a different amount and noticed they both were oddball numbers like $2.37 and $1.84 so it seemed like it had been calculated.

This happened 4 months in a row until TELUS couldn't deny it any longer, so know what their solution was?

For me to go spend money getting my phone altered so it couldn't access data, as if it was my phones fault.

Unbelievable. TELUS is a crooked company and I don't recommend dealing with them, but I am aware that all telco companies are crooked.

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