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The truth will set you free....

This company is screwed by it's own wrong ways. They have nothing but suck- asses left but the S.O.B plant manager Abel V. has a fat ass . The truth #1 . Kept his fat ass sleeping on the job no count dumd ass machine operator, not a machinist truth #2 . Why do you layoff machinist that have been there for 20 plus years then turn around and rehire 2 machinist that were fired 1 for buying stolen company tools the other one for acting like he was god . Truth #3 The hiring requirement for Logan is beign Hispanic , rent house from plant manager and lick that fat ass . Truth # 4 EEOC complaints filed for descrimanation on many fronts coming . Truth# 4 if they survive this downturn which is doubtful and if you ever work there make sure you screw them silly , because this what the plant manager Abel V . will do to you . This place is known in the Houston area as a human drop off for illegals. That's there company vision . God I fell sorry for the few who had brains and worked there . But rest assure they are gone . Maybe 35 people there now left .

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@the truth about Loagn is just a racist piece of shit, logan it's a great working environment , plenty of over time, and great people .

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