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On HP Managers and Layoffs

Both HP and EDS will never learn from its past history!

For one, it fixes its failed processes with new processes that are also failures. It moves it's management around instead of firing it's failed managers.

Hardly anyone in a leadership role stays in the role long enough to effect change or to advance the processes that promote stability and confidence. A pervasive problem noted by many employees is that their direct supervisor or manager is not attuned to the tasks that their subordinates are doing.

They don't have a sufficient grasp to understand, influence change or control processes that erode our company. We desperately need qualified management running all aspects of our company. Many need to be replaced quickly.

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this is a larger, systemic problem in US corporate culture: there are so many levels of "management" that the corporate system is top-heavy. But you can't tell that to the top of the corporate org-chart since they are the most obvious example of the problem. And a lot of them own large blocks of stock, so they are totally vested in maintaining the status quo. The wage system is also top-heavy, but naturally the P&L balance sheets are gamed, so they do not show how much money is wasted on huge compensation packages for top management, instead of product R&D and "taking risks" that would really amount to growth and aggressive moves into new markets.

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