Thread regarding HP (Hewlett-Packard) layoffs

Was on the Symantec account. Rising star, high performing, yadda yadda. Let me spill some beans.

What amazes me is the amount of theft, mismanagement of data and LACK of hours put in on the Symantec account. The relationship with this contract between HP and Symantec is either a sham between two companies or HP totally ripping off Symantec. I had seen literally tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment come up missing and nothing ever happened. Symantec is a department of defense contractor and should be carefully managing their assets, yet routinely leave they all come up missing. HP has no oversight when it comes to the hours actually spent on the account or not, nor do they care. As long as people are not complaining they are happy. But people typically spend 3 to 4 hours a day working and the rest of the time spent lounging or playing around or even off-site. This makes it very easy to exceed everyone else when it comes to performance, but it's not exactly fair because all the work gets stuck on one guy. HP really needs to really needs to have a class action lawsuit filed against them because they deprived many of these people who were laid off of their severance pay. They said that because they are offering a job with another company at lower pay they do not have to pay the severance. Can you imagine when you look at 30,000 people being deprived of their severance, How much money this saved HP? People who had work for them for 1015 even 20 years. I had a friend who got injured on the job before the layoffs happened and was on disability. HP colluded with the disability company to make sure his benefits were stopped and they did not pay him for over six monthsWhile they open and appeals process. Very corrupt practices. When asked for the workers compensation paperwork and process he never even received a phone call or email back. The next piece of information he received from HP was a letter he had been terminated and was being offered COBRA. Terminating someone while on disability? I can't wait to see these guys and I know at least 40 other people who feel the exact same way and are organizing.

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your post simply makes no sense bro

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