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Laid off from HP last year, things are better now

I’ve spent four years at HP and was eliminated last year during one of the big three rounds of cuts the company conducted. I am split on the experience with HP – I liked my flex hours, my managers were hands off and I was not micromanaged. Some technologies we used were cool, most of the stuff was average as it relates to tech. Cannot complain about HP benefits, that was OK, it was not stellar but still OK.

On the other side, it was very political and I hated that part – you really needed to play that game, you needed to network, build your alliances, have people support you, etc – in short, a lot of energy is wasted on maneuvering the internal politics and making sure you are taking care of yourself as you will be vaporized unless you are well contacted. HPI (Consumer/SOHO) printing business is shrinking and that really sucks, as job cuts and layoffs are rampant, people are losing morale and there is not hope that things will get better. Since HP lays off very often, being a star can help you survive the next layoff, and that’s pretty much it.

The managers are average or slightly better than average, but given all cost cutting initiatives, they can do very little to grow things as it’s all about savings at this point. So, the cost saving nature of HP’s operations stifles growth and the teams are left alone and they have to produce value with less and less resources. This creates anxiety and fear and some HP folks (just like me) actually feel relieved once they are laid off.

I wish you all the best and I hope HP turns things around soon…

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