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WARN requires 60 notice or 60 days pay in lieu of notice
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I am receiving the 60 days pay plus health insurance in lieu of notice.
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If the company designates that severance benefits are made in lieu of WARN notice, then unemployment benefits may be delayed for up to 60 days.
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File today. If you sign an agreement that severance was paid in lieu of notice, then benefits may be delayed 60 days. The April agreement did not say that severance was in lieu of notice and people collected beginning the first full week they were unemployed.
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By law they're required to give employees 60 day notice of layoffs. By paying us 8 weeks, they get around this law. It's called pay in lieu of notice. It's not them being compassionate, it's just them avoided lawsuits.
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They can give you a 60 day severance payment in lieu of the notice. That's why people get 8 week severance, in that case they do not want to file anything.
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60 day notice - Will there be a 60 day notice for laid off employees? Will the employee be paid for those 60 days in addition to the severance?
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"If they haven't changed" post is consistent with what I know.

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If they haven't changed the policy, it's 4 weeks for 0-2 years service, and then 1 week for every year or part, with a maximum of 12 weeks at 9+ years for individual contributor s. Management gets extra time based on level - 1 month for director titles, 3 months for VP titles and 4 months for SVP titles.

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To previous the previous poster, how many weeks for years of service. One week for every year of service or is it two weeks per year?? Thanks.

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It's not technically severance as you would remain an employee for the 60 day period. NetApp will tell you not to come in to work and will take possession of your badge and computer. Your paycheck will continue every two weeks through the notification period, as will all benefits. At the end of the notification period, you get whatever severance package for years of service plus unused vacation.

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ok, we do get it, 60 days severance instead of 60 days warn notice

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