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The moon did not fly into the sky

Woke up this AM and realized that the moon didn't fly into the sun. I get all the venting that folks are doing on this site. Some of it is funny, some of it comforting and some of it vicious. Over the many years I worked at Devon I have seen a lot of change. Obviously it is not the company that Nichols left behind but it is still a good company and I hope it survives. To my fellow dearly departed employees ensure you go thru all 3 stages of grief: Shock, anger and acceptance. Devon has no doubt provided each and everyone of us enough to get to through these stages- remember typically it will take a woman(your spouse) little longer. It imperative that you do, or else it will hinder your job search as well as your performance at your next job. There is only one reason people were let go - money!!! Devon is not the government they could not continue to spend more than they were earning. If it weren't for the current price of oil, we would all still have gone to work today! Contrary to what some say the people you worked with have not forgotten you, yes they they still have jobs but they are suffering a loss as well and get reminded of it every time they get up from their desk and see all the empty desks/offices/cubicles and must continue to work under the spectre of additional cuts. So put on your big girl panties and get out there and show the world what great employees Devon had hired.

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Men built an oppressive system in the east, and didn't win land domination... so men in the west built a system of Equality... And the women of land domination didn't give those western men equality... so now the only solution to both cultures is not only women taking longer but losing as well..

After my tenure at Devon, I simply want to learn how to become better at wasting, being nothing but a sexual plaything, the unchallenged traits...

Oh yeah.. The sun enjoys investing in the earth, no way would it ever take "our" moon.. Shame on you for even suggesting Such a possibility.. I could give 3 fux about the empty cubicle I left behind, but can I have my panties back?

The "big girl" ones..

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To all and E3 commenter. Micro-aggression alert. Women (spouse) take longer....? Good ole boy mentality. #dinosaurs are extinct.

As for the general topic of women, Devon lost its heart and soul when Marian Moon retired. How ignorantly ironic that you chose the phrase (sic) "the moon did not fly into the sky" when you woke up. Sir, I submit she did indeed fly.

She wrote the Quattro Pro algorithm that rewarded Mr. Nichols and his legend of a father for their vision to become one of the best at buying companies. We would be much better off with women who "Take a little longer" in our industry.

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Thanks Larry, now go back to DC where you are wanted.

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I hope it survives to you sanctimonious wanker. Yeah, survivor guilt is a bitch. Pull up your own logo'd panties.

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