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I've worked in the Florida location and here is my experience – IT IS A NUT HOUSE! The management is bunch of crazy folks and there is always some issue with them, certain things don't get done properly, some individual managers are corrupt or just lazy and perverted.

But, you would argue, every company is dysfunctional... Every company makes really mistakes, but it is the size and quantity of these mistakes that determines success. .

What would Mr. Brad the CEO of Intuit see the way management handle his employees.? Not sure if he will agree, but who has time for that? Really! That man is sitting on his Millions and he has people tending to his herd. Then again when you think about it there is a whole lot of cons in the work place, I'd like to see it as if you're on wage rather than salary who cares if the company is crazy or not, it's just a job, is income, and brings you what you need.

If you were a contract type or salaried (both exempt and non-exempt) type employee then you wouldn't be asking us this question, you'd just move on, right. All companies work the same, they're out to make money/profit and continue with their doors staying open, all have office politics you need to get used to and tolerate. Otherwise, if you're picky, then move on buddy.

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