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Cognizent is hiring!

I'm a former employee of MassMutual. I left there almost two years ago. It was after they rolled out the MMway and turned every job there I to a mind numbing bureaucratic nightmare. Life after MM is great, you will see. It is just a shame what has happened to that place. The funny thing is I have a recruiter trying to hire me to work there as a Cognizant employee. They were offering more than I was making there as a employee. I told him I wasn't I tedestex but this may be a blessing in disguise for so.e of you.

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It sounds like they are going to force employees to be rebadged - meaning they will work for cognizant regardless... This is a standard practice and it means that employees will be given a chance to stay with a job as a contractor or they can leave.. either way they will not get a severance because they either will agree to stay on with cognizant which will make them no longer valid to get that benefit or they will chose to leave which means they will not get that benefit... either way its a pretty shady practice in my opinion...

This explains it a little more:

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