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Test Automation Beaverton and Kirkland Layoffs

Test automation teams in Beaverton and Kirkland were wiped out completely. They invested in expensive hardware years ago but never devoted enough resources to make it effective.

There have been situations more times than I can count where insufficient resources were allocated for projects to succeed, causing schedules to slip or projects to fail entirely. Employee growth normally involves taking on more and more responsibilities without ever handing anything off because there is nobody to hand it off to.

When somebody leaves, their position is not automatically re-opened and getting approval to hire new engineers is like pulling teeth so everyone else is expected to take up the slack no matter how busy they already are.

Arris is notoriously penny wise and pound foolish, they are so CHEAP that they miss opportunities for profit. Every communication from the executives involved them crowing about increasing productivity and lowering costs to better serve the shareholders.

It's unfortunate they didn't focus first on making top notch products and treating employees as assets rather than expenses, letting profits follow.

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The executives are known for blowing millions on projects/software/systems that never get fully implemented while they nickle and dime employees by giving them more responsibility (promotions) but fail to compensate them for it.

Oh, and we've all heard the "we've got to watch our spend" speech only to see them turn around and give themselves pay raises. They regularly have their compensation evaluated against industry comparisons, but never for anyone else.

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