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Layoffs at Harbison-Fischer again. This was a great company until Dover took it over with their arrogant management that lied to the employees. They lay people off because of how much money they make. Since Dover took over some of their competitors business has increased over 40%. They have no integrity. Stock holders should be asking questions. They should also want to know the real reason Dover didn't get to purchase Don-Nan supply but lost the deal to Schlumberger. Don't trust anything Dover has to say.

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Very true their initiatives was to bring in the new and out with the old. Have lost all of their experienced people, put kids in charge and are totally ruining the Harbision-Fischer name. Shame was such a good company, made great products and had a lot of respect for it's employees. The Harbision-Fischer website comments in it's history about the average tender there being 17years. Dover could care less about it's employees.

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