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Q2 loss much worse than expected

Another losing quarter. $60M loss (much worse than expected). .............................

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They made layoffs this week and in addition they are asking for volunteers for more layoffs in various departments. They are trying to get their buy out approved so they will do what it takes to get that buy out approved so the top executives get their part of the buy out agreement that is labeled 'golden parachute compensation'. So the sacrifice will be lay off as many as needed to get the numbers to where they have to be to get this buy out approved while executives collect their 'blood' money. Workers are just sacrificial lambs at this point. Executives that put the company in the grave, get compensated for it. That is a system that is nationwide not just at Apollo Group/UOPhx. Greed.

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There were over 400 people lay off for UOP. Any news about if Apollo is going to have another lay off?

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