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Another layoff today in Temecula

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The U.S. laws and corporate taxes, themselves, must be changed. In Ireland the taxes on companies like Abbott are about a 1/3rd of U.S. corporate taxes (and in some cases can even be 1/6th). An auto assembler in Mexico, for example, makes a fifth of what one in Detroit earns - and that includes benefits. On top of that are the tax advantages. The claim that U.S. workers will do only the "high-skilled" work, while off-loading the low-skilled work to other countries is a ruse. Other countries now have their own silicon valleys and lots of PhDs - in addition to a strong manufacturing base.

An American company that might want to "do the right thing" for its workers, and the USA, must then compete with all the other American companies that have no compunction whatsoever about using their employees like dishrags, discarding them to offshore or otherwise using, or replacing them with, "indentured" H1-Bs. That financial pressure makes it nigh impossible to compete. And we see the proof continually.

A key strength of the U.S. has long been manufacturing, which also stimulates R&D, as well as the broader economy. But per capita manufacturing is down big time and there have been some 40 years of uninterrupted massive trade deficits. Do we want an American nation of hamburger-slingers and retail clerks who nevertheless can afford to buy cheap products manufactured by skilled labor in China, autos from Mexico, software from India and Russia, and medical devices from Ireland? Keep in mind that once these countries have monopolies in these fields, they will inevitably raise the prices on their exports as they too will want better standards of living. Then what for the USA?

The U.S. better smarten up - and fast!

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