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Mitel Networks Polycom Merger Layoffs

Do you think we'll be laying off people at Polycom due to 'synergies' once the merger completes?

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I would think so sometime end of this year beginning of next. Mostly services and logistics as Mitel should be able to absorb those functions fairly easy. Once you here the "You are a valuable and necessary asset to the new organization", start getting ready to run! You might also find some strange new folks wanting to know how you do your job successfully. They are not there to help you, they are there to take your job. As George Carlin once said, they run everything! It's like a big club.. And your not in it ! I worked there for many years and there never was, nor will ever be, any loyalty to the people who contributed to the bottom line. Good luck, UC is a great dynamic industry to be in , with lots of opportunities so don't let them use and abuse you

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