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IBM's internal hiring is pretty much frozen.

Right now, it pretty much takes an act of God to find a position inside once you are RA'd.

Those folks who are RA'd are in an accounting column used to report reduced spending.

The new hires are placed in a different accounting column. Anyone who is trying to change divisions will be met with many excuses about not being able to accept certain divisions (or certain bands).

So many lies... Yet, it's not personal.

We are just numbers on an Excel spreadsheet. As you all know, our only priority is executive compensation and the game of smoke and mirrors staged for our audience on the Wall Street.

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Was told the same thing by an IBM manager this week. All job reqs have been frozen or put on hold - at least in her area of responsibility. In a subsequent conversation, she told me those included in the layoff have 90 days to find a new position within IBM. Quite the contradiction.

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I agree, this has changed. I was a manager around 2001. When we had a layoff, managers were told to review internal applicants first for any open positions.... ie if you had been given a layoff notice, your application went to the top of the stack. Absolutely no longer the case.

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I can confirm this I am in OOS and nobody transferred in last 6 months. This used to happen all the time.

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