Thread regarding Whole Foods Market Inc. layoffs

They're Cashing Out: Director Stephanie Kugelman just sold $206,080 of WFM stock.

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No. If they really believed there would be some big rebound you wouldn't have so much insider selling. They know what's up.

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Sold my small amount of stocks today as well. Stock was the highest its been in a while just cutting my losses. Writing is on the wall; sinking ship.

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If you've paid attention over the past 10 years trades like this happen all the time. Jesus.

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There's been a lot of insider sales activity over the past couple of weeks, part of their strategy for their own happiness and growth at our expense. This "short-covering" bounce in the stock has offered them a chance to get out at a good price. Short covering is what happens when too many people bet on a decline. Then they have to cover their bets by buying shares and it can result in a "squeeze"' that temporarily forces the stock up in price. Once that demand is exhausted, the stock can resume its trend. So this bump doesn't mean a big rebound. Think about it: If A.C. Gallo and all these different directors and execs thought there was some big rebound you know they wouldn't sell. Now that we can all get kale chips, greek yogurt, organic veggies, Bob's Red Mill items and coconut oil at Wegman's, Publix, H-E-B, Sprouts etc., all that's left is the fabulous track lighting and stupid posters about earthlings on Earth Day. Welcome to your part-time future.

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Did the $1billion finish yet?

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Welp. May as well cut that cord while they ca, as the stock's sitting at $33.70. Not likely to climb much higher than that ever again, unless they start including those tattoo parlors and record shops in the new 365 stores. Just what everyone's been looking for in their grocery-shopping experience.

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The outer circle

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The inner circle

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