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If you want the media involved.....

If you want the media involved, you have to present a compelling story. The truth is, there were lots of stories in 2014 and 2015 about bigger schools, such as Corinthian Colleges (Everest/Wyotech/Heald), ITT Tech, Devry, and University of Phoenix. Can anyone tell me what makes the UTI story unique in 2016? What do the students think? If teachers get together with students, students' families, and communities, you might have a compelling story. Also, if workers, students, and communities were willing to do an organized and nonviolent take over of campuses, you might also have a story.

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To the Camden Kid,

Keep up the good work ,you are doing a terrific job. The public needs to know what U.T.I. is really about. I was on the inside for 10 years and I tell everyone I can what a P.O.S. company U.T.I. is, I start with the lies and promises from the reps, then I tell them what actually goes on. Here are some of the lies, I was told to pass students even if they couldn't pass on their own so we can keep our retention rate up, read tests to a student who couldn't read or spell , I thought there was an entrance exam? I was told by upper level management to lie to a campus president to get a fellow employee fired, I said F that. These are some of the lies that go on their, I am sure if you dig deep enough you will find a lot more. KIM I hope you go to prison for all the B.S. you are slinging. To the Kid, thank you.

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The media will be involved when the layoffs start and people talk.

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Yep, and tbe students are just as lost.

Thats why these guys cant get or keep jobs.

If I still worked there I would get out now. Word on the street is they are rationing and cutting costs every chance. Enrollments are in the tank. A reduction in force is near. People, save yourselfs and get a different job. There are plenty of good jobs for good people.

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Here is the truth of the matter, for those instructors that have been there for any length of time, they will be lost, cars have changed drastically in the past 10 years. For those who teach carburetor's and point type ignition systems, that stuff has been gone for 25 plus years. U.T.I. needs to get with the times if they want to turn out a good tech, if not I think they still have points and carbs in Cuba, maybe we can send your students there. I hope this makes it way to corporate so they can start making changes or U.T.I. will just fade away.

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We are not exceedingly ignorant.

Just ignorant. Not exceedingly. Yet.


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Thats the truth. UTI has made it very hard for their staff to find new employment in the area. The students get jobs at these shops and screw around and get fired. Who would hire the guy that was supposed to teach them not to act like losers?

Its really the loser students fault things are that way. Not all the students but the 20% that should be shown the door. They are only there because they can get a loan and pay to be there. They want to be techs or at least they think they do and they go out and ruin the name of the school acting like know it all assh0/3s.

Thats where UTI has ruined their staffs carreers, the loser students that shouldnt be there in the first place. They hire these turds where I am and they just end up being released before their probation is up. I see it over and over. Maybe half of them actually make it. This includes the staff.

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I'm on the outside looking in. Quit working for U.T.I.? what would the instructors do? U.T.I. has such a bad reputation even the instructors wont be able to find jobs, how pathetic is that? Kim, you have ruined it for everyone. good day mates.

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Staff who know,

How do you know?

You sound like like an insider. Hope you help save your employer. I used to like that place. Provided me a living for a long time but as another said, had to get while tbe gettin was good. Bummer.

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Wow, that last post says it all. Kim, you should start doing something before its to late, maybe quit. Your ship is sinking.

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They wont do squat. All the rank and file people worth a damn are looking for jobs. Those who are not have already hit the doors and never looked back.

Oh, and dont forget about the fat cats at the top and the losers at the bottom. There are plenty of them too. They just dont care.

Lets see. A little rundown form memory.

Sacramento, the worst students in the system. Dumbasses.

Ranch, management sucks and the instructors don't care any more.

Norwood, losing money hand over fist. Huge facility, no students.

Exton, instructors dont care. Management are arsewholes.

Lisle, same as Exton except the management there is exceedingly ignorant as well as arsewholes.

DFW? Not too bad.

Avondale, does whatever. Close to home office.

Houston, bunch of old timers that dont care.

There are others.

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