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The Expendables

Like many I’m soon to be heading on to pastures new, even if I survive the first culling of the working people in the company, the message is loud and clear walk away for this toxic company.

I think the following song, sums up the general feeling…

To ARRIS, a word of advice around your key value shareholders (wait that's wrong) exec bank accounts (no that's not right) customer first (got there in the end), this is what those of us in the front line (by this I mean the doers, not bulls**s) experience on a regular basis.

Good luck in a saturated market on the decline, you’ll need it….

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I only stuck around as long as I did because it was an easy paycheck and I didn't have to give a rip about anything. Glad to be moving on.

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Yes, there were a lot of us let go in 2004 by a "VP" who said we didn't have the qualifications needed for the job. What a joke! We were some of the first to work and help build the start up and we BUILT the teams and the company and the job descriptions.

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Good luck! Anybody young and/or ambitious would have done the same. much earlier Well, not too many of those types left now ... Only those well past their prime are left in this fast shrinking and aging company.

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