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Whomever is in charge of the layoff process should be laid off...

Why the hell is it taking so long? It was announced 16 days ago, we cant come up with a list and execute the plan in 16 days? I thought we were 'one, agile, and driven'? The industry leader in innovation and efficiency? It must be because we're all so busy still trying to 'Beat the budget' or coming up with new slogans to keep the worker bees working. Looks like we're all going to get yet another weekend to stress about this before they finally get around to cutting the majority of us next week. Stay classy encana management!

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It's taking so long because they have is all writing SOP's on how to do our job. Now that is class!

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There have been cuts, they're just not done yet. They'd like us to think they're in a room somewhere sweating over these decisions but the victims were probably already determined weeks ago. And I'm sure we're all working out ways to beat the budget while trying to look busy at our desks watching YouTube and Netflix.

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