Thread regarding Bazaarvoice Inc. layoffs

BV's flamboyance continues as employees are laid off

No i am not a laid off employee of BV, but can vouch that the financial decisions the company has taken is atrocious.

HR is horrible - especially the HR leadership - plain lies to all employees. At this point they are so deep in debt that they have lost all integrity. This company was worth recommending a few months ago in the old office - NOT ANYMORE.

They have a shiny new building with fancy stuff, contemporary furniture, glass panels, LCDs all around but are struggling to make ends meet. They are hosting SXSW parties but internally are struggling to up sales. It is a typical situation of impress the Jonses but the truth is the company culture and substance is gone. It is not because they were a bad company or bad products, it is because they took horrible decisions financially and are in huge debt. They are now ready to lease out a floor from a BV "exclusive" building to keep the expenses going. They have come down to nasty cut downs (layoff being just a very basic one) so that they can penny pinch. But I have a feeling - the Titanic (or this illusionary pompous Titanic) is already on its way to sinking - it is just a matter of time.

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