Thread regarding Raytheon Co. layoffs

Is Raytheon Largo, FL in Union?

Is this group unionized?

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Absolutely I agree Raytheon Largo Fl is the worst company I have ever worked for, your just a number there you have no rights or protection when they do something wrong to you. They are the vilest, unethical corporation I have ever seen.It's more or less you shut up and say nothing when the company has broken every one of there company rules on you, They have no problem accusing you as a worker when your innocent and escort you out the door. SO SO sad corruption !!! What a way to treat your employees Raytheon !!!!!

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Raytheon was once upon a time a good place to work.

They decided to not invest in their skilled worker's,


They cut cost by keeping only a handful of people,people who where related to management,the union or favored by a particular manager.

People who don't know better where then brought in as replacements.for the mass firing,prior.

Union was asked to help out to bring back,those who should have been kept on,

But the Union wasn't able to get anything they where made to be put in fear of their own job's. So in protecting their jobs,they stayed silent. Way to go!.Union

289.Basically they became none effective.Ratheons, H/R dept.

was running the company & the Unions affairs.

That all started in 2012. when they decided to downsize.

with doom & Gloom looming over everyone's head stressfulness was completely understood,it was to be a daily as such.for those who didn't agree & complainted,when asked to do so by management,they where fired.Others who could dropped everything & ran from the fire.A few escaped & managed to hang on to their earned pensions.What a way to treat your customers & employees.

Fulfilling contact's requests & contracts are an exchange that happens when management and worker's do more then lip service.

This is the lighter side of being polite to a scumbag place to work for. I have rented from better slum lord's.

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The Union are supposed to protect their workers especially when the company has been found wrong doing against the company rules which would be very unethical but at Raytheon in Largo Fl they do not protect there workers just by my experience of what I seen happened they are a terrible company to work for and your just another number there....More or less they will just use you and abuse you until your time is up....

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Yes and it's ruined the place!

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Yes, heavily

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Yes it is.

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