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Lost job to China

There are so many IT layoff this year, how are we all going to find another job especially with China now even producing fab chips/asics.

I know everyone thinks India/Indian's are a big threat and taking over our jobs. Yes, I agree to some point but I think China is stealing our jobs. In order to meet yearly targets, Chinese government is telling companies to set up shop in China to get 10% of the Chinese market. When the company (let's say USAcompanyXYZ) is set up in China, 49% is owned by USAcompanyXYZ and 51% is owned by China government but under a new name China_companyXYZ. Then all the executives of USAcompanyXYZ tell it's employees, they must send over the software code and train the Chinese employees. Once the Chinese are trained, they start designing the software for all new features for the company. They also all work on weekends (and get paid overtime). Now the USAcompanyXYZ don't need as many employees in USA, so they start laying off in high cost areas (like USA). After the layoffs occur and a few months later, China goverenment tells USAcompanyXYZ that it will no longer get 10% of the market share. Perhaps only 2%. So now USAcompanyXYZ is dependent on Chinese workers since they let go most of the experienced USA employees and the Chinese now also have the technology/company software/all the training that was necessare/etc. pretty much for free and now that same technology gets used in China for the Chinese market. Let's say if USAcompanyXYZ wants to catch up, it's too late because the software is already too old after a few months (so many feature enhancements have already been made based on market needs). This is the way China has stolen technology in all sectors: ASIC/Chip design/fabrication, healthcare DNA/genetics, Mobile phones/networks, manufacturing, farming, all IT, even USA real-estate, etc. USA is totally dependent on China. Everything you buy is made in China. Even Boeing recently made a deal with China regarding building/manufacturing airplanes. Now

Boeing is laying off 4000 workers.

Nokia is laying off 15000 workers.

Intel is laying off 12000 workers.

Qualcomm is laying of 5000 workers.

Microsoft laying off 17000 workers.

IBM laying off 14000 workers.

Twitter laying off 400 workers.

Kraft laying of 2600 workers.

Cisco laid off 4000 workers in 2014.

Broadcom laying off 700 workers

Samsung laid off 10000 workers in 2015

Yahoo laid off 1700 workers

Majority of these layoffs are due to China. The Chinese have taught there young folks English (at least how to use the translator), math, and science. The Chinese workers are hungry for IT jobs or any job that pays better then the farming their parents had to do. And USA executives were greedy for a few million that they sold out the USA market. They have their millions and we are out of a job. China wants to control everything. They even want to control the sea. It's really a shame that USA gave away all it's technology for free to China. And now it's too late for us to get in on the race. There is no race, China is way to ahead of us in everything.

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Dude, you are posting this on multiple company board sites. What gives?

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