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Laid off and loving it!

Best thing that could have happened to me. Laid off by SJM 2 months after they acquired us. My boss and his boss got laid off the same day I did. If that isn't slash and burn I don't know what is. Great severance, I went 5 months without having to get another job, nice to have the time off - especially after the nerve wracking 2 months working for SJM and putting up with their "corporate speak" - meaningless and untrue words intended to lull you into a sense of security until they "drop the hammer" on you. Standard slimy stuff, to be expected from large corporations in these times. All in all I'm glad I got laid off in the first round, I'd never even consider working for SJM again - so glad I'm outta there. I feel really bad for HeartMate II patients, SJM doesn't give a whit about HMII - proven by the fact that they decimated the HMII development team with many issues still needing to be addressed. SJM bought Thoratec for only one single reason - to own the HeartMate 3, which hasn't even reached FDA approval yet (and most of the HM3 team is gone as well - good luck SJM on finishing off the development - there are things in the electronics and software that only the "legacy Thoratec" engineers knew, not always fully documented. I know that there were fine details that only I knew about in my HMII and HM3 projects that I never had a chance to document or pass on to anyone - and SJM never asked. Existing patients using Thoratec products should not expect any upgrades, bug fixes, etc. - the talent that knew how to maintain these products was canned, seemingly without a care as to what would happen to Thoratec's existing products and patients. If you need an LVAD I would suggest that you wait and see if they got HM3 finished off correctly or not - and forget about HeartMate II, it's an orphaned product that SJM has proved by it's actions it doesn't care about at all. Money trumps everything else, obviously it does at SJM.

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I was caught in the same buyout as the original poster, but I survived there for another whole year. He (she) is correct in every piece.

BTW, I posted a similar missive at the time. Despite this being an "anonymous" site and posting anonymously from my home computer, I got called into my new manager's office (the horrid treatment of my former manager was the subject of my post) two days later with a printout of my post on his desk. "Why did you post this?" he asked. Great way to start off on the wrong foot.

There is no such thing as anonymity when the company trolls for discussions involving them and is paranoid enough to track down the poster. I would strongly recommend that anyone posting here actually be laid off (and not just a shocked deer-in-the-headlights) before doing so.

So, for all the covert-ops guys at SJM reading this, just to let you know I got the sack last Friday.

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Thanks for sharing your story and I completely agree STJ doesn't care about the old company. Based on some of the comments here and on medtechy, we're better off with a new start. Good luck!

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