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Apollo Global Merger

Leon Black, Tony Miller, and the vulture crew have come to make a quick profit. Guess how they do it.

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Yeah and Tim Slottow is going to have a meeting tomorrow to feed us more of his lies. Why can't you just tell us all up front how many more of us you are going to lay off!

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More layoffs are coming and the employees aren't going to take this ugly atmosphere no more. The smart ones either have already done so, but most definitely many are planning an exit strategy and I am one of them, I have a family of 5, two car payments and a mortgage to pay. I have 3 interviews for next week.

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FYI: Don't forget that top APOL executives have to get paid: Greg Cappelli--$7.3M, Sean Martin--$5.6M, J. Mitchell Bowling--$3.3M, Tim Slottow--$2.7M, Greg Iverson--$2.6M. P. 116 from.....................................

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