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For the first time since 1982, I am no longer an HP customer. My last remaining HP product, a multifunction printer, died, and I replaced it with a non-HP brand. I cannot support a company that treats its employees so badly. I feel a bit conflicted because my decision, and the decisions of others who share my values, could negatively impact current employees as HP business continues to decline. But, believe me, there is a better work life waiting for you after you leave HP. I was an HP employee for 20 years, was laid off in the Carly era - the beginning of HP's decline and the first year it fell off the Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work For list (never to return) - and have prospered ever since. Take heart, HP employees, there is indeed life after HP. It was a great company once, but alas, is no longer.

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it's very true. I'm working for them 4 years now, and on their WFR list. They outsource every positions, they are killing themself

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