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VSP webcast

VSP webcast is scheduled on Monday for managers only.The honorable MCM will pressurize managers to convince employees to take the VSP.

Now, why the F do I have to deliver the VSP BS to my affected reports instead of them doing their own dirty work. It was bad enough to trap FLMs to hit SSL targets and then force them to have the ISP blood on their hands through the respect and dignity execution.

Will probably be required to take waterboarding training next.

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How is the landscape in SMG? They have less thing to sell now with mobile and tablet gone, channel is defocused too...

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What was the summary? They ready to negotiate to push us out?

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Mass confusion. Many overpaid under smart cooks in this kitchen.

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Does anyone know the criteria for VSP?

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@nnx who cares

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This thread is featured on the main page on

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Funny, my management sent out a group email telling not to accept VSP a few weeks ago. Now they are saying the opposite. F-those guys!

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Why not make VSP available to everyone? I think they could achieve their targets

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I agree with @yvd. These FLM, SLMs are just a sh_tty trash.

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Seems MCM has hit the panic button regarding VSP numbers. Will too long in grade become the new SSL4 ? The punishments will continue until morale improves !

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Ha-ha. Nice, emotional post. We knew this was coming since Intel is not tracking to their VSP goal. Plenty of pressure on those involved.

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OP, please, do not protect FLMs and SLMs. They R falsch/fake/trash, low level life forms (respect to 10% of them who R exceptions), protecting ONLY their fat asses.

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Managers in PEG will be asked to encourage VSPs. Managers in DCG will be asked to discourage VSPs.

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Would be interesting to know what happens tomorrow.

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Yes it is, so don't apply for its job openings. Less competition for the rest of us.

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oh dear Intel really is a sh-- place to work

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Can you publish a summary of the webcast tomorrow?

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