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Colorado Technical Institute Ripping Off Vets

Colorado Technical Institute looks like they are asking for a federal probe of their business practices. How bad is it at Career Education?

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All the feds have to do is move the VA money into the category of Federal loans and the for profits will go t!ts up because they are now in violation of the 90/10 rule. Easy.

And the vets are not victims here. 90% of my VA students are only enrolled to get their monthly 1800.00 housing allowance. They don't want an education, they are trying to make rent. Take away that bonus money please. I don't need these tax parasites in my classes.

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@Not the CamdenKid, if you believe in justice, PLEASE email me. I am working with groups that are trying to stop this madness--particularly with service members using tuition assistance (TA) and veterans using the GI Bill. It angers me that CEO Todd S. Nelson can get away with this for the third time. Mr. Nelson was CEO of Apollo Group (University of Phoenix) and EDMC (Art Institutes, Argosy, Brown Mackie, South University) and helped ruin those schools............................................................

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Hey Camden,

CTU is a for-profit college struggling to enroll and retain students just like all the other for-profits and a lot of not-for-profits (public and private). Unless you are a top brand (i.e. Texas A&M, UC Berkeley, UofWash to name a few) you are struggling to fill your incoming freshman classes if you are a more traditional school or any classes at all if you are a 'adult learner focused' school such as CTU or UoP.

For-profits such as CTU are now reduced to scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to finding bodies to enroll. Most of the students now in classes have poor to no writing skills because they went to crappy inner city schools where they were simply handed from class to class until they graduated and now can't read, write, and do basic math. Most students struggle to come to logical conclusions, can't think through even moderately complex issues and most certainly can't articulate much of anything. To keep tuition coming in, the curriculum has been dumbed down so much that a bright 8th grader could do the majority of the assignments. Instructors get paid virtually nothing to grade 60+ poorly written student assignments per week (and then get harassed by administration if they are too stringent when applying the nearly fail proof grading rubrics). Plagiarism goes unchecked and unpunished (yes, I teach at CTU), and don't get me started on the lack of English skill levels of these international students that show up here and there in online classes but are passing with at worst with a B- since I can't take any more points off for incoherent babble per the rubric.

It's a for-profit that runs on tuition $ - do the math if you want to figure out how academically rigorous this place is.

Also, look at the quality of the writing in that list of complaints. Look at the complaints - I was enrolled against my will in Federal Loans? That is physically not possible. But I have had a number of students in my classes who swear up and down that 'they is gettin' grants an' stuff, I ain't on no loans and sh't'. These students don't understand what it is they signed up for. The one with the graduation fee complaint? Every school in the US charges a grad fee. Come on, this is not news...

The students in my classes are predominantly naïve, first time college students from dirt poor backgrounds who have been duped into thinking that their crap K-12 education has made them ready for college and if they just tried hard enough they can make it. The sad part - a good chunk of each CTU graduating class did just that. They got As and Bs for work that wouldn't get a passing grade at a local private high school. They are now out there looking for work with a CTU degree on their resume and failing because previous low quality CTU graduates have warned employers to disregard a CTU degree.

The other batch of students I see are veterans on some kind of VA funding who are either clueless about how college works and enrolled in CTU believing the marketing hype, have so many other issues that CTU is all they can get an acceptance letter for, or are flat out milking their post 9/11 bill money for all it is worth (you don't have to pay back money if you get an F - makes me throw up).

So there you are. The reviews on any site that praise a for-profit? Either written by the for-profit marketing or admissions department staff, written by a desperate graduate who wants to very much believe they received a quality education, or written by a clueless student who has no other post-secondary education experience to compare their crap, for-profit experience to.

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