Thread regarding Alcatel-Lucent layoffs

Any updates on May and June 2016 Layoffs

Anybody has more info?

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Haven't heard anything yet for USA. But I'm sure the silence means something is cooking. They are going to squeeze every little drop we have to meet customer deliveries and then cut cut cut in USA.

Let's do the math: Need 1.3 Billion Dollars Savings

Total employee cuts: 10000 to 15000

Known cuts so far in Europe: 4000 (Assume each employee makes $100000, so that's $400 million. I say $100K since healthcare is paid for by the government. )

That leaves: 6000 to 11000 employees to cut

You need to cut about 5 Chinese or 5 Indian employee = 1 USA employees salary

So who would be stupid enough to cut 5 employees if you get 5 employees worth of work instead of 1 employee. So they won't cut many in China or India.

Let's assume consolidation of sites (real estate) and discontinuation of products = $300 million (perhaps more depending on how satisfied customers are with fNokia products instead of fALU products)

That still leaves $600 million (1300 million - 400 million - 300 million) to cut. Let's assume there are 5000 fALU wireless USA employees. That means they have to cut at least 2500-3000 employees (perhaps more) to give them a saving of $600 million (assume $200K (salary+overhead) per employee).

This is just my personal opinion, so I can be totally wrong. But just playing with the number, this is what I come up with.

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