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Former TWC and BHN employees being told move or quit

Charter has made it known that former TWC and BHN employees will have to move or quit. There are relocation packages being offered for employees having to move large distances, but those who's commutes will "only" increase an hour each way are being told they have no choice - commute or lose all your benefits, including any long term incentives they may have. Many employees are already looking for new jobs.

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How was the pay post merger?

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I'm affected by this. Functions normally locally driven will be moved to centralized locations in a particular region. ie; southeast US would be Charlotte. Texas and SW would be Austin. West would be Denver. dozens of offices in Southeast are not necessarily closing but many many staff performing regional functions are forced to move to Charlotte or leave. There's been VERY LITTLE communication to staff about details and several dropped balls when it comes to including all staff affected. Many groups being left out by accident or design (not included on conf calls or meetings) we arent sure. Mostly rumor and heresay.

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Haha, fire everyone and start over...

Where I can certainly appreciate the sentiment, lets be realistic, the customers in those respective markets would be worse off, got to keep in mind, for the most part cables companies don't compete with each other so if a company closed their doors then those markets would be without service or would need to go to satellite, verizon, or att assuming they had availability in those markets...

Its both starting to become more clear and unclear all at the same time...

There were numerous rumors that their would be mass consolidation of Charter offices. That appears to be more misdirection than what is actually going on. The only office that appears to be targeted for closure at this point appears to be Herndon. While there were many people trying to understand the logical reasoning for targeting Herndon, especially in the short time frame for actual closure, no-one has been able to present anything that makes actual sense. There are rumors that this closure may actually be due to personal dislike from senior management, perhaps even due to a grudge held against prior senior management already gone. Apparently Jim Blackley made a surprise visit weeks prior and was displeased with what he saw. He didn't like that attendance was down and people had very little to do. Keeping in mind, all projects were put on hold, so there was actually very little for people to do. The rumor is that after this visit, he indicated he wanted Herndon closed immediately. It seems some of his subordinates may have stepped in to point out there are still systems in Herndon that need to be moved prior to closure...

It is actually quite comical at this point, they expected a certain level of attrition figuring they wouldn't need to back fill any positions but the uptake for moving for Charter has been lower than originally planned. While Charter doesn't appear to be thoroughly checking on people that accept positions. At this point, at least half of the individuals that have accepted position were on their way out prior to the merger due to poor performance while in a lot of cases these poor performers are often receiving promotions with their respective offers.

Apparently there was a notice sent out regarding informational leaks recently as well. One of the key items reference employee relations. Again this is quite comical if they expected Herndon employees to be happy with the situation. Both Comcast and Amazon recognize the talent that is resident in the Herndon office. Each company had special events for Herndon TWC employees being the sole invitees due to the knowledge that most employees were unwilling to relocate for Charter. Some of the positions they are offering have deferred start dates to allow them to wait out the office closure...

Regarding product offerings, it appears that the individuals that are evaluating the various company products are either incompetent or are outright lying. They are choosing to shut down various products citing limitations that don't exist...

I'm really curious if the board is being made aware of what is going on within the company. I want to think the best of them and assume that they aren't being informed about the status of the company but I can't say for certain. There are certainly a number of financial articles that are being published that appear to be crafted to elevate stock prices without detailing whats going on within the company.

Its certainly unfortunate, everyone should expect things to get worse before they get better.

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They should fire everyone and start fresh.

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What about call centers? Austin especifically

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To be clear, its not only former TWC and BHN employees that are being forced to move...

Charter is also forcing a group of their own from St. Louis to move to Charlotte. This is a decision they are rumored to have made during a tour of the TWC Charlotte Campus prior to the close of the merger. Granted, this might not be as much of a hardship, St. Louis being what it is. Speaking on relocation, its my understanding, that at least employees below VP are being provided very minimal assistance, the money provided might be enough to load up the moving truck...

Their primary corporate facilities are going to be out of St. Louis, Charlotte, and Denver. This includes the bulk of their IT, Finance, Engineering, and Operations organizations. If you fall in these categories, expect to move if you are not in the locality of where your group is in relation to the three locations above.

The senior management(straight from Jim Blackley) are pretty adamant that these groups will reside wherever they say they will reside to include hiring more contractors to fill those positions in the interim. The reasoning for these locations are because this is what Jim Blackley(with the assumption that Rutledge is in agreement) is because this is how they want the company run. There was no logical reasoning for this stance other than this is what they want. Keeping in mind, the larger share of the technology talent pools that they will be lacking are not in those specific markets. There is the appearance/feeling that their underlying management don't necessarily agree that people need to move but they don't appear to be contradicting senior management, it appears there may be some fear in bringing any type of disagreements to senior management.

More specifically to some particular office closures, it appears that Broomfield will also be closed so individuals who thought they may been safe there appear to be affected as well. Another item coming out is that Fort Collins is being moved to the bottom of the list to be closed with the apparent hope that senior management may forget about it...

There appears to be various power struggles within the company as well, so certain locations for some groups may change. As stated above, some people originally slated for St. Louis are now slated for Charlotte with the expectation that some other groups can be shifted between the locations mentioned above...

Jim Blackley stated Charter is a cable company while at least former TWC senior management stated TWC was a technology company. Current Charter management appear to lack foresight and don't realize cable is dead...

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