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HPE and Aruba...Tail wagging the dog. Just wait Aruba...once you are assimilated by the end of 2016 you will know how screwed you are.

HP Networking (Procurve Edge switches, H3C data center switches, IMC management sw) got "reverse" acquired by Aruba who promptly screwed the HP Network Field sales reps by doubling quotas and cutting territories in half all the while having no idea how wired switches work. They then "stole" accounts and relationships from HP reps that had worked long and hard on huge revenue accounts like Miami-Dade schools. At the same time 7 months into the fiscal year STILL have not accurately paid anybody in the field with a broken My Comp commission system. HPE management including Meg is "Emperor has no clothes" and could care less about the sales team. They implement another layer of management with a "One State" model who only cares about Sales Force Dot Com spreadsheet forecasts. This now after 4 years ago after laying off "one State" sales teams.... What is the definition of insanity?: Doing the same dumb things over again and expecting different results. HPE is screwed and dying a slow death. Aruba cowboys....just wait...when Dom Orr says "Fxxx Cisco" 30 times in a row at a sales will be you who bends over on Nov. 1.

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You know they are building a new building in Santa Clara by Great America just for Aruba and relocating people there from hpe sites that are closing. Well they said they were relocating people from closing hpe sites but it's probably just for Aruba. I guess lots of people are getting WFRs and Aruba division will get offshored to India for sure.

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Have you notified HR?

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