Thread regarding Comerica Inc. layoffs

About 800 to be laid off at Comerica

This is public knowledge now and it has been all over the news as massive job cuts and layoffs are looming at Comerica. We are yet another victim of low interest rates and 790 people will be cut, about 9% of the total workforce of almost 8,000 people. Things will improve once the interest rates go up, but nobody knows when that may happen and a lot of people here are freaked out.

I hope all turns out good and that we are able to turn things around and stop layoffs soon. Good luck to all.

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I'm sorry, but that's an apologist statement. it's not the interest rates, it's the management. Comerica is way to focused on the wrong things and their priorities are a mess. Management is still trying to catch up with 2010, but are trying to look progressive. They can't make the right decisions because they don't understand the problem. So they continue to flail. When interest rates are high they just have more money to waste.

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