Thread regarding Career Education Corp. layoffs

Any honest people at CTU, AIU, or Career Ed?

Career Education is getting rid of its most legitimate brand, Le Cordon Bleu, and doubling down on Colorado Tech, so they can prey on vets?

Does Todd S. Nelson have any ethics? He ruined Apollo Education, then helped EDMC collapse...

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Camden, how does shutting down your trade schools because they can't meet gainful employment act standards have anything to do with 'preying on vets'? You are comparing pizza to chainsaws. Both are kinda circular but that is where the similarity stops. Vets and international students are a huge focus at CTU now since the 90/10 rule is limiting the number of federal loan students they can enroll. If it were garden gnomes that have access non pell grant non Stafford loan funding they would launch a marketing campaign to attract garden gnomes. CTU does not care about the category of students - vets, international students, or garden gnomes as long as they have non-federal funding.

Shutting down or selling the trade schools and closing underperforming campuses finally hit the balance sheet and now CEC is showing 'profit' - because operation costs are lower, not because they are getting run over by eager students. Here is the article that shows you that it is an industry wide trend, not something Todd Nelson cooked up:

Does Todd Nelson have ethics? Define ethics first please? He is first and foremost beholden to the CEC shareholders per the SEC filings. His actions need to reflect that. But, and here is the for-profit school but also for-profit hospital, dilemma. Does Todd not also have a duty to the students who come seeking an education that will give them a degree that has value? Arguably yes. But if he runs AIU or CTU like Dirks runs UC Berkeley, CTU and AIU would be failing over 85% of their students because their students could not hack a normal university curriculum. Too stupid, too undereducated, too distracted, too mentally or emotionally disturbed, we see all of these types of student dysfunction in our 'classrooms'. These students would struggle with a community college remedial English class but they pass AIU's Engl. 101.

Failing 85% of your tuition paying students will not make shareholders happy - so what to do? You shorten classes to 5 weeks, you force grading rubrics down your adjuncts' throats that make failing a student impossible, if a student fails, they have 4 routes of recourse and typically get to retake the class for free with a known 'easy' instructor, you make the assignments so easy that any moron with a frontal lobotomy can do them and you set the process for kicking out students for academic probation to a 1 year duration so you can milk that student for more money.

Oh man, that sounds awful. Hmmmm, yes. Could a for-profit hospital do something similar? Nope. The rules and regulations surrounding standards of medical care are very clear and brutally enforced by the patients in court (hello malpractice suits) for example. If we want to fix the education industry we need standards that are enforced - and idea would be that all students have to pass SAT/ACT exams with a certain score to get into any college for undergrad and GMAT, GREs for graduate school. Simple. Start with that. If you want accreditation - you need to have these entrance requirements in place.

What a wonderful world this would be.

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