Thread regarding W.W. Grainger Inc. layoffs

Stock price

LOOK OUT ---- stock about to break 200day moving average

Top 1 % insider sells shows a lack of confidence they can turn things around

Good old boys. --Board seems to not be aware or lack the balls to get involved

Sad to watch !

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It was only a matter of time before Grainger was going to take a hit like it's seeing now. As much as they and the investors hate to hear it... Margins are going to suffer. Customers can order from just as easily as they can from I just think at this point with the revamping of the website is like inserting a lump of coal, pulling it out, and HOPING it has turned into a diamond.

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Vending machines,Lowering prices & entertaining national accounts might slow the decline for a while but GWW will be like Sears in a few years

How about a 21 century business model Useing the best services of HD Menards Tractor Supply united rentals ,Applico & others

GWW business model is old school just like top 1-% it is painful to watch .Will the Board ever wake up & drain the swamp or are they part of the problem too?

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Smart money realizes Grainger is in trouble.

Lack of a clear strategy for the 21century digital age

Wasting money on international while US sales going south

Good old boy Board makeup of 20 century leaders who are out of touch

Top 1% focused on themselves

No concern for

Employees & customers

In a few years they will leave Grainger with mega millions & never look back

Our best hope is as stock tanks an activist will jump in & clean house

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Grainger stock keeps falling day by day. I wonder what is going on?? Is this why they are closing branches and laying off tenured employees? You would think with all these changes it would improve!

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U are so wrong

Good old boys on board love Ruan

& gave him ok to do a zillion dollars worth of Buy backs to keep stock propped up

Ryan will leave on his own with mega millions before sh---- hits the fan

The billionaire sons & their families have no idea how so screwed up things are.

WWG will be like Sears in a few years

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