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No WARN in CA. How about other states?

By law, Cisco and other large companies have to make public their plans for job elimination. You will notice that Cisco has in the past posted all of their LRs. There are no mentions as of yet...and I believe the requirement is 30 days for 50 or more employees.

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I beleive the limited restructing (layoff) has to be annunced if it is more than 150 in any area. The issue is not that Cisco does lay off; all laid off engineers end up in better places. The issue is howcome a company like Cisco has to focus on lay off rather than innovation? Cisco has a lot of mis-anagement. There are a number of large groups that if they all disappear, Cisco will be much BETTER. An as example, Cisco keeps cuting engineering teams, and keeping adding to CAP teams. Lack of engineering teams, causes lack of innovation and qaulity issues, then Cisco adds people to address customer cocerns through CAP teams by generating power-points. Cut the CAP teas, their VP as well as every so called Quality analyst and CAP managers; Do the right thing.

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Big layoffs coming at Cisco in 2 weeks ...

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On the 60 Days Notice Question
Here is a collection of previous posts on this topic:

WARN requires 60 notice or 60 days pay in lieu of notice

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I am receiving the 60 days pay plus health insurance in lieu of notice.

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If the company designates that severance benefits are made in lieu of WARN notice, then unemployment benefits may be delayed for up to 60 days.

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File today. If you sign an agreement that severance was paid in lieu of notice, then benefits may be delayed 60 days. The April agreement did not say that severance was in lieu of notice and people collected beginning the first full week they were unemployed.

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By law they're required to give employees 60 day notice of layoffs. By paying us 8 weeks, they get around this law. It's called pay in lieu of notice. It's not them being compassionate, it's just them avoided lawsuits.

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They can give you a 60 day severance payment in lieu of the notice. That's why people get 8 week severance, in that case they do not want to file anything.

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60 day notice - Will there be a 60 day notice for laid off employees? Will the employee be paid for those 60 days in addition to the severance?

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I was given two weeks notice in January. But you the qualify for 'in lieu" pay, which covers 64 days.

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Hmm...Cisco has always posted in advance. Technically the notice to employees needs to be 60 days to avoid being sued.

An employer must give notice 60-days prior to a plant closing, layoff or relocation. In addition to the notifications required under federal WARN, notice must also be given to the Local Workforce Development Board, and the chief elected official of each city and county government within which the termination, relocation or mass layoff occurs. (California Labor Code Section 1401)

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Correct. The payout covers the WARN days.

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They can let you know and then keep you on the books for 30 or more days so technically you have been given 30 days.

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