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I was laid off by MetLife almost 5 years ago in Fl.

I was 9 years away from retirement and 2 weeks from my 15 year anniversary. We found out that our depth was sacrificed to keep a dept in Connecticut operational. They were next on the chopping block but some big wig went to bat for them and they dumped us instead.

Meantime , the company tried to keep it quiet but we saw via the computer that another office was doing our work. The offices gossip so that's how we found out what was going on. Met had very good, reliable and loyal employees and they got rid of the best first probably because of their salaries. It left such a bad taste in my mouth that I will never buy any product from them. They used to be a good company but once they started outsourcing it brought out the worst in employees. People turned on each other to try to curry favor so they wouldn't be cut.

The old guard had it the best, the years with the company and the good packages. I truly liked most of the employees and still stay in touch with many of them. The outsourcing may be a monetary success but MetLife customers are getting terrible customer service. Like one of the commentators said, "God bless America."

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Dude you posted this same message in the recent postings. Two words: Attention whore

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I worked there fir 3 months & walked out after being berated by my manager. The claims operation in Bloomfield is a horrible place to work.

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