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Mt. Prospect/Aurora, IL - layoffs and future layoff to come............

The Mt. Prospect ,IL office will lay off all their FMLA Leave Coordinators as Sept 15, 2016. The STD and LTD products line will move to Aurora, IL as of Oct 24, 2016. Also all Mt. Prospect accounts that's associated with FMLA (with the exception of 1 or 2 accounts) will move to the MetLife Tampa office. With that said more possible layoff will come to Mt. Prospect/Aurora, IL MetLife site in the near future. I'll be shock if it did not come to past.

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Sorry to hear this - I left in 2012 - Mt. Prospect/Aurora was a great place to work but I know you have troubles today. I hope all turns out good for you. God bless.

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