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Salt Lake City Layoffs - American Express

Layoffs happening today. Good luck to all

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Personally I worked at Amex for 20 years seen many down sizing lay off ROF. Whatever they call it. I think how they do it is very unfair. I was let go in 2008 cuz I joined a new team and been there only a few months but mty performane wasn't high enough due me still be on a learning curve. After getting 40 to 50 reviews all the time I was at a 30 into 2 months if being with my new team. Plus I never recieved any training at all. They are very unfair. And nangers do not stick up for you. Sorry I loved my job but managers are backstabbers dont trust them

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I was among those lay-offs and it breaks my heart that amazing employees were let go without even a blink of an eye. Most of us have found new positions and we realize that life goes on - I just wish that they would get Ken Chenault out before he completely destroys the company.

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