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I recently (not that recently, a year ago) came to Microsoft and, as compared to my former large tech company, there are a lot of one off firings going on. Not layoffs per se, although those are happening in other divisions, but just situations where there is a re-org and a few people find themselves without a place on the org chart. Is this standard Microsoft or do you think these are stealth layoffs? Meaning there is some higher level directive to remove a person or two from every group which ultimately results in a large number.

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The old timer Ballmer set are brilliant at rubbing people out they don't like, especially when they inherit people from a reorganization. Even more specifically, if you were a star in your previous org, they don't want you competing with the people that they have been supporting within their inner circle for years. If you are smarter than the people in the new org, watch out, keep your head down, s--- up, and do not try to show off your talents or shine too bright. If you do, you will have target on your head that cannot be outrun in that org. You will need to move to a new org and fast.

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Many times an employee ends up in a group after a reorg where they can't contribute effectively. For example, their skill set may not match the work. It's usually an uncomfortable situation for the employee and group. Microsoft just lets these people leave on their own eventually.

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11 years here, reorgs are a constant. They typically try to find you a spot

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