Thread regarding DIRECTV Group Inc. layoffs

Rumor about end of year surplus

I heard there will be a huge surplus in LA before the holidays seasons. Mostly in engineering and ops.

I am surprised it took this long for AT&T to decide after failing to integrate DTV. Well, this failure does not surprise me, however, when AT&T relied on Sony and stupid Sony consultants to perform integration.

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This needs to go to yahoo finance, motley fool and other stock related sites.

This is the old SBC folks running things or trying to!

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Layoffs are decimating the California Broadcast Center in Long Beach, CA. Our inept, ignorant, headhunter manager has brought in 20 years old inexperienced kids that we more experienced broadcast engineers have been forced to train. It's taking 3 of them to do the work that 1 of us does. We are all a part of the origination of DTV. We started the company. For many of us it's been close to 25 years. Well, I was just laid off after over 22 years. As we're possibly a dozen others. Everyone is over 45, many over 50. I was just informed by a buddy of mine that's still there that he was told to train so done and prepare to be let go. Every Direct TV operator and engineer is being let go. We've not even had the opportunity to renegotiate our contracts. We've just been told to get out. This is exactly what the opposition to the "merger" said would happen in court. The government bought AT&T's bullshit about creating more jobs and and not firing anyone. The government needs to hold AT&T accountable for lying to the government and the regulators. AT&T is a disgusting company run by a bunch of incompetent, lying, arrogant, backstabbing, pieces of sh--......... Thank God that karma's a b--ch!

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