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When can we file for Unemployment?

For those who were cut.. when can we file for unemployment.. At the end of September when we're released from Cisco or at the end of October because of the "pay in lieu" month??

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I have received Unemployment after I proved that I had genuine work authorization (H1-B status) while I was employed. Remember its Unemployment INSURANCE and not a state or federal welfare benefit. You have paid its premium, so you deserve it. I had to apply to the state office for it.

In Canada, you apply at the Federal Human Resources Office and not the provincial welfare office with your record of employment. If you apply late, your benefits start late. I never got one in Canada, because the only time I was ever laid off, was in the US.

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You'd assume if you have a GC and pay into it via payroll tax that you qualify.

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Is Unemployment benefit only for Citizens or GC holders also ?

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Don't know what it's called in the US.

Been laid off twice, (both companies went bust.) once I was still on the books as an employee for 3 months and submitted for Unemployment benefits when the I was off the payroll.

Other time I got a lump sum, filed for employment benefits right away, but had to await five months. I waited because the government deemed the severance was equivalent being of payroll for 5 months.

The time I had to wait five months, if I had not submitted my paper work within the first 2 weeks, I would have been did qualified.

In Canada the Employer would give you a Record of Enployment, which you would take to the Welfare department. Now the employer submits your Record of Empliymebt online. but if you wait more than 2 weeks, you are disqualified from receiving Unemployment benefits.

Essentially be sure to file as soon as possible. Don't miss the window, cause in Canada it means you won't get Unempliyment assistance at all.

If you are still on the books as employee for several months, than use this time to travel. once on unemployment assistance, leaving the country means you forfeit this assistance.

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