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K-fab(Diodes Fabtech) needs a union for its fab workers

Its been a long time coming, but we need to form a union at K-fab. The rest of the world is pushing for 15 hr wages to work at Walmart, while the workers in the fab at Diodes Fabtech put in 12hr shifts and work with dangerous chemicals for less.

All the while the engineers, get paid ridiculous salaries trying to improve the yield on a product whose yield has remained the same for 10 plus years. Not only do they get good salaries and raises, they also get $20,000+ in stock options.

Let's stop letting the office staff run over us, and demand a fair piece of the pie for doing the real work.

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The below review was copied from

Doesn't sound like a safe place to work.

Absolutely the worst company I have ever worked for in my 37 years working

Senior Equipment Maintenance (Former Employee) – Lees Summit, MO – November 10, 2014

I arrived expecting to fill an Equipment Engineer position. However, it turned out to be a technician position. OK... they were paying well. Immediately got moved to EPI... an area I had never worked before... OK, they told me my experience was needed. I almost walked out on the job after 2 days. This place is the most dangerous place I have ever worked. Their Sub Fab (Basement) is a disaster waiting to happen (and it almost did several times). I feared each day at work was my last.

Management was the very worst I had ever seen. True story: Manager calls meeting at 8:00am... shift that just finished working was told to attend (12 hours through the night after 4 nights working). A hard working young tech was leaning over a garbage can while the manager talked. Manager stops, asks the tech if he is tired. The tech replies, "yes I am it was a rough night"... manager tells him in a very sweet voice, "OK then you go home." The tech asks, "really?" Yes, you go home now... the manager replies. The tech leaves the meeting after thanking the manager. As soon as he leaves the room... the manager turns to his manager and tells him to fire that technician right now! And they did.

Absolute horror working there. Stay away!!!

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I think this image says otherwise.

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Well at least the building will be a lot safer.

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Kinda funny I have 2 new Harley's a lake house , love my job and co workers . sounds like maybe you s---ed at your job and the didn't want to keep you! Just because you have hard feelings doesn't make you right , there are many of us here with 11 years plus and will stick with them till the very end.

As far as Safety goes , Safety is your own responsability , they supply us with they right tools and equipmet to be safe , if you choose not to use it that is on you.

JL did more for this company than enyone can imagine , ON and RH are both very smart and very good people so maybe your issue is all you , I myself have been here 15 years before you started and still here after you left as I stated I will be here till the very end it will be a very sad day , but one thing that will keep a smile on my face is that you are still a unemployed stay at home dad YES WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE :D

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That's not all he's got check out this.

He's living it up large while the rest of us get poverty wages.

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You are right. If one of the senior engineers, lets call him ON, can afford a Corvette. I think us fab workers should be able to afford more then a used broke down car. We are definitely not being treated fairly. The office staff makes all the bonuses and get all the opportunities. I'll be lucky if I can retire some day.

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