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Real life story

I worked myself to the point im having health issues...always there when they needed me...always did the extra. I took this job serious...was proud of it. I was fooled to be a temp. For almost 2 years and a half...overworked underpayed not insured (temp.) i was forced to do overtime all the time to "show my worth" this company tortured is a joke these people have severe mental issues and are stuck up and srupid at every decision they make.finally i get hired as a permanent started to move up in positions in the company (after many sacrifices and fighting h.r. to get a promotion on my salary) since they made me do work that i wasent supposed to do....after all that i barely get a few paychecks with my i creased pay when.....out of nowhere!!! Laydoff!!! This company is ethics avoid at all cost ...bottom line they will use u abuse u underpay you..all while leading you on that you're going to do well.No companies like this should exist.i was shorted out of alot of money for the things i did there and never given enough vacations nor attention to me to feel lime i was being treated like a normal human being, they are really really racist.( they never even provided me with an uniform) That's the type of beast SHIRE is.

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