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Cricket Downsizing

Has anyone heard about Cricket Account Executives being downsized today? Heard they were put on a call to announce an upcoming surplus.

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Yes Cricket will also reduce its size. The headcount has been too high based on results and there will be some shrinkage. Lower than expected results and too many doors. Stay tuned.

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The original team was diminished to nothing. (About 25 or so after the layoff today) We were all promised jobs but later were told no one was safe. We were also shut out of applying for jobs last year, ( no cricket need apply) I see that they are doing the same thing to DTV. Wonder if they were promised jobs when they were purchased. I saw the comment on the deals in the dark, I have seen this first hand. Just ask the old Bell South group and they will tell you your just a number. And by the way finish your 2020 on your own time. Good luck new cricket, Your numbers were good and AT&T isn't going to like that your customer service looks better than the command ship. Sending all the Money to Mexico... penetration rate is too high to make money in US. Lots of old guys to layoff that's for sure. Also agree with the color thing as they seem to be less and less each day. We think about a 66% drop in manpower by 2020. See you at the food stamp line.

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