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Get your resumes ready.

If you haven't followed what is transpiring at AT&T and Directv since they married I would suggest catching up. Be warned do not keep your heads in the sand AT&T is among the most toxic places to work for and I guarantee you your future boss Randall is already preparing massive lay off for your department whatever it is because honestly they don't care.

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Agree with everything said here. DIRECTV employees really got demolished.

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If this go through, you execs will be the first to go. Usually emails regarding retirement to spend time family.

Then within a months, the layoffs of lower level management, tech, and staff will get hit with a layoff.

Note that's after merger. Prior to merger TW may also layoff people to improve financials. If there have been soft talk on this, the layoffs may have started back in June. Start looking at your contractor to employee ratio under certain managers. If you have less than 30% contractors, expect that to rise to 50%-70%.

Good luck guys. The one thing AT&T is really efficient at is surplussing employees and replacing them with contractors.

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I couldn't agree more with the OP. Randall is an idiot that has no idea what the hell he's doing. See his failed takeover which cost the company $8 billion. How he still has a job after that I have no clue except to think he must have dirt on the BOD. So, prepare your anus because it's going to be painful and hard. I've got almost two decades with AT&T and I doubt I will make it to 2018. Just know this, he's already canabalizing the loyal employees that made the company what it is and he won't give a second thought to purging TW employees. We bought Direct TV and their people were giddy thinking they were about to get paid better. Little did they know that their pay would actually decrease and their workload increase and that's the ones that still have a job. He also could care less about labor agreements. Randall will do whatever it takes to make the stock rise one point. Sh--, his own brother is getting laid off because of the decisions of his younger sibling. It's coming and there's not going to be any lube.

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There was a time when a deal like this would never be approved, but those in Washington (both parties) no longer work for the people. So, my guess is enough palms will get greased to get this through. If enough people in the public raise their voices then maybe this deal can be stopped.

If this deal does go through and is approved, then yes there will be layoffs at both companies.

More important is who would be impacted. Anyone is a overlapping role done at both companies (ie. Payroll for example) would be at most risk.

If you have a unique type of job that doesn't exist at the other company, then you're likely to be in a much better position. Most people fall somewhere in between, so I wish the very best of luck to all impacted by this.

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