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Several people in Microsoft Office asked to leave today

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Yeah, next week, I think

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New layoffs comming

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Yes age discrimination seems to be acceptable to msft now

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Writers were let go in Office and Dynamics. Aged 45+. Those jobs are moving to India. Be careful, everyone. If you're at Microsoft and part of the older crowd, start making plans now, especially if you've had anything at all negative in recent reviews (even if it's unfair or untrue). No one's talking because they don't want to risk their severance package, but there is definitely a trend at Microsoft to lay off older folks, and it starts with a couple of negative things in a review.

If you think stack ranking is dead, think again. You get closer to the bottom the older you get.

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I know of several engineers let go in Office. High leveled, and mostly aged 45+.

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5 engineers on our team were let go this week. I heard a couple PMs from other teams.

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Procurement, Office and Bing both had friends of mine leave this week.

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